Desired Care Chiropractic is a family focused clinic. We aim to see the pain leave the faces of our patients in as few visits as possible. We strive for our patients to get back to playing their favorite sports again, spending more quality time with their family and friends, andliving life to the fullest. Pain should never be the reason someone has to stop doing what they love. 


Meet The Doctor

Desiree Frasier, DC

Conditions We Treat

Dr. Frasier is a graduate from Northwestern Health Sciences University. She was privileged enough to spend her last year of school in a very diverse clinic and worked with doctors that specialized in chiropractic sports medicine, pediatric chiropractic, and general chiropractic practice. Dr. Frasier spent 3 weeks in Costa Rica for a chiropractic mission trip where she was able to see her patients get back to work without debilitating pain within 1-2 visits. She knows chiropractic is what she was meant to do in life and feels blessed to be living her passion. 


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