Follow-up Visit- (approximately 20 minutes) Most patients are asked to come in for at least one follow up visit. This allows the doctor to assess the situation and determine the most effective treatmentfor each individual patient. During the follow-up, the patient will be asked to describe how they have been feeling since the last visit and will be asked to grade their pain/discomfort. Finally, an appropriate treatment will be performed.

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New Patient-(approximately 40 minutes) Each new patient is asked to complete some basic paperwork including an intake form, HIPAA paperwork, informed consent, and payment policy.  Once the paperwork has been reviewed by the doctor, she will ask more specific questions regarding the patient's individual case. Following the patient history, the patient will be asked to perform certain movements to determine the physical restrictions and challenges. Once the situation has been assessed, appropriate treatment plan will be discussed and performed.

Chiropractic Adjustment- An adjustment is the specific movement of a joint that is restricted in some way. Adjustments can be modified to accommodate each patient's level of comfort.

Trigger Point Therapy- This type of muscle work is used to break up trigger points that are releasing pain substances in a single area causing pain in multiple locations. It is also used to break up scar tissue that can lead to the development of trigger points.