"Dr. Frasier has treated my mid and low back pain for the past few years.

She is not only a great doctor but an amazing person.

I would recommend her to anyone!" (MT)

"Fibro sufferers!!! Dr. Desiree has a great bedside manner and she listens intently.

These qualities in addition to having a great touch make her an awesome chiropractor.

I haven't felt this good in a long long time.

Don't wait to take care of yourselves." (KM)

"I've had the privilege of getting care from Dr. Frasier who treated my headaches.

She is not only a great doctor but she genuinely cares about your well being." (SB)

"I have personally had the opportunity to be healed in minutes." (MK)


"Desiree is a master of her craft.

She adjusted parts of my body I did not even know were out of place,

put the top of my tibia - near my kneecap - back in place.

For the first time in 4 months I bent my knee!
Last week, she adjusted my tailbone, neck, and shoulder.

Tailbone pain for many years, throat always feeling full of stuff and still that shoulder pain. WHOA!.

Now I can sing! ...well, not really but it doesn't hurt my throat now,

she did a number of neck and shoulder adjustments and WHOA!

I can make a big circle with my arm! ... still a little pain, but A LOT more range of motion.
I have dubbed Desiree "the Shoulder Whisperer"

"Great care from an amazing professional.

As a massage therapist, I not only recommend,

but receive chiropractic care." (SD)

"I referred my son who had a lacrosse injury with hip and lower back pain.

He hadn't played in 2 weeks and could not suit up for games.

His first visit to Desired Care Chiropractic, PLLC was last Friday.
He called me after his appointment and told me Desiree was "magical".
He was able to practice that night and
was on the field with his team Saturday

for St. A's final game of the season." (MP)

"I was a skeptic going into this.

I have dealt with back/neck pain with headaches on a daily basis.

I honestly thought I would be dealing with this forever...
I woke up today headache free for the first time in a long time and have been all day (knock on wood). Aside from a few sore muscles (which is to be expected) I feel amazing today. Thank you!"

"I saw Desiree this week for my back.

I have had back pain since my daughter was born 20 years ago.

I was nervous about going but she totally calmed my nerves.

My back feels AWESOME now.

I have not felt this good in years. Thank you so much!" ​(MB)

As a small business owner, I work all day on my feet typically for 10 hours.

Dr. Frasier was able to adjust my back, hip, and ankle so that I am no longer in pain for my long days.

I feel SO much better and cannot thank her enough!!

If you want excellent care, Dr. Frasier is the one to see!!(LL)

"I went to Dr. Frasier out of reluctance, and as a last resort from a knee injury I acquired when working out with a personal trainer. I was seeing another Chiropractor with 28 years of experience. Although he had a wonderful bed side manner, I unfortunately wasn't getting the relief I was expecting after 6 treatments. I read Dr. Frasier's reviews, and didn't want to get my hopes up. After my initial treatment I was elated as I was now able to bear weight on my knee. I haven't done that in over 6 months! The following week I went for my follow up appointment, and have to say that was all I really needed!I am now running again, which I thought I would never be able to do. If you are looking for relief, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Frasier! She has a wonderful bedside manner, professional, and knows her stuff! If you are sick and tired of being in pain, and want to finally be able to do the things you shouldn't take for granted you need to make an appointment with her now! She is the best chiropractor , and best kept secret in the Southern New Hampshire area! You won't be disappointed." (MM)

"My six year old daughter had a really bad anger issue.

She would get angry and throw fits over the smallest things.

But Dr. Desiree Frasier gave her an adjustment and she is 100 times better.

She is back to being my happy little girl and doesn't throw as many fits.

Dr. Frasier is great with kids.

She was able to get my daughter over her fear and had her laughing through the whole thing." (TM)

Dr. Frasier is an excellent chiropractor.  Having visited many chiropractors over the years, I can say with confidence that she is the best I've seen.  I am incredibly active and put a lot of stress on my body.  As such, some of my pain I thought could only be alleviated with a visit to a podiatrist.  Oh how I was mistaken.  Not only did Dr. Frasier fix the pain in my lower back but she also addressed, and fixed, pain in my left foot due to excessively tight muscles.  I highly recommend her and her care. 


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Just had the best chiropractic adjustment of my life!!

Thank you Desiree Frasier of Desired Care Chiropractic!

If anyone needs an adjustment or has been thinking about it, this is the place to go.

Didn't even know there were that many places in me to adjust.

Feeling amazing! ​(EV)

"I can move today.

Yesterday I was in agonizing pain in my neck and shoulder.

After an adjustment with Dr. Frasier, my headache is gone and the pain in my neck and shoulder is gone and without medication.

Dr. Frasier is calm and methodical and works with her patients to relieve pain and restore flexibility. The best, I've seen. Thank-you, Dr. Frasier" (PL)