Convenient hours- 

Pain doesn't always occur during "standard office hours". So why are so many offices only open during those hours? We have appointments available during lunch and after work for those working in a 9-5 job or for those that just need that last minute appointment. Many patients can be seen same day and are seen on time or earlier than their scheduled appointment. If time is an issue, the treatment can be completed in less than 10 minutes while still getting the proper care.

Specific adjustments for the individual- 

Specific adjustments allow the body to hold its proper position much longer. When the body is adjusted with a generic adjustment, you will feel some relief, but may feel as though you need to get adjusted more frequently. Both generic and specific adjustments do have the potential to provide a "popping" sound because a joint is being moved, but the joint that is moving, may not be the specific joint that needs to. We provide very specific adjustments and work with the muscles that are affecting that joint to allow the body to maintain the proper position for a longer period of time.

No lengthy treatment plan- 

Chiropractic care is beneficial to overall health and well-being, but not every patient is going to need to go to the chiropractor 3 times a week or even every week. Most patients come in twice initially to determine how their body responds to care and the treatment plan is created from there. Many patients find it helpful to come in once a month or once every other month just to keep their bodies feeling great, but if this is too often for you or if you don't have the time for such a commitment, that's fine.

We seek to help our patients feel better without making them feel guilty. 

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No surprise bill- 

We set affordable prices that our patients are made aware of up front. Whether you need a full body adjustment, or just need a little extra attention on a few joints and muscles, the price is the same. We will never send out a bill for a treatment that was deemed to be "not covered". Once the treatment has been performed and the transaction has been made, that's it.

Budgets can be tight and getting a bill that was unexpected can cause unnecessary stress.